Democratizing Autonomy
Empowering the world with AI drivers
to provide universal access to transportation of people and goods.

Driverless Permit is Granted to AutoX by California DMV

Alibaba's map product allows riders to hail RoboTaxis

AutoX sets up ‘Asia’s largest robotaxi operations centre’ in Shanghai

Self-driving technology accessible to everyone is AutoX’s goal

China's self-driving taxis hit the gas on commercial aspirations

AutoX applies for driver-less test permit in California

AutoX and Fiat Chrysler are teaming up on a robotaxi for China

AutoX is launching California's first autonomous grocery delivery

AutoX Rolls Out the first “Hardware Ready” RoboTaxi for China

AutoX gives the first Robotaxi ride in California!

BYD partners with AutoX to develop the First Electric Sedan “Designed for the self-driving age”

Navigating CES Traffic in AutoX’s Self-Driving Car

AutoX launched grocery delivery Pilot program here in California

The AutoX Driver
Building the safest AI driver
AutoX is building the hardware + software integrated full stack technology for Level-4 AI driver. The same AutoX driver can drive different vehicles, including RoboTaxi and RoboTruck. We want to empower the world with our AI driver to provide universal access to transportation of people and goods, 
safely and reliably.

Our goal is not to just make it as safe as human drivers, but going one step further to reach a superhuman safety level.

A massive RoboTaxi data center is the hub for an enterprising experiment masterminded by a man known as Professor X

Chinese companies flex their self-driving muscle at CES 2020

Partner with automakers globally for the first
Hardware Ready RoboTaxi in Asia



First Self-driving Car to be able to handle the most complex downtown traffic in China


First RoboTaxi Pilot in California; First to get permits in three major cities in China

RoboTaxi Pilot in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley
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Building advanced autonomous driving technology for challenging urban driving scenarios.

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