• Founded in Silicon Valley by Renowned Scientist Professor X. Completed the first autonomous road test within 60 days, becoming the fastest to reach this milestone.
  • The first batch of startups to be testing on the public road in California with permit from DMV.
  • Investment from SAIC to establish deep partnership.
  • Professor X named winner of TR35 by MIT Technology Review, became the only global winner in the self-driving space.
  • Mayor of Shenzhen visited AutoX.
  • Launch the first RoboDelivery pilot service in California.
  • Partnered with ZTO Express for logistics application.
  • Obtained the first self-driving test permit in China's great bay area.
  • Investment from Dongfeng Motor to establish deep partnership.
  • Released our Safety Report according to NHTSA's safety standard.
  • Released our 360-degree sensor fusion system: xFusion

  • CES2019: Offered self-driving test rides during CES traffic in Las Vegas.
  • Release xUrban: the first self-driving system which handles downtown urban driving scenarios in mega-cities in China, from any point to any point.
  • Strategic partnership with BYD, and release China's first fully electric RoboTaxi BYD Qin ProX in BYD's spring product release conference.
  • Obtained the CPUC RoboTaxi permit in California, and launched our RoboTaxi pilot service for the public.
  • Partnered with City of Shanghai to launch 100 RoboTaxi in Shanghai.
  • Obtained the first batch of Guangzhou AV permit.
  • Completed Series A Round Financing with $100 million USD
  • Obtained the first AV permit from Shenzhen and the first AV2.0 permit from Shanghai. Became the first company to hold permits from all three major cities in China.
  • Strategic partnership with Pengcheng Taxi, the largest taxi operator in Shenzhen.
  • Strategic partnership with DST, the largest electric logisitc vehicle operators in China.
  • Completed Series Pre-B Round Financing
  • CES2020: Released the first Hardware Ready
    Robotaxi in Asia
  • Released the first flat sensor mount design which is only 15cm thin, along with our purpose-built L4 VCU for China road conditions: AutoX XCU
  • Sets up Asia's largest robotaxi operations center and giga-factory in Shanghai
  • Partnered with Alibaba Amap to become the first RoboTaxi available on nation-scale mobility platform.
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